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House cleaning servicesCleaners Streatham is a professional cleaning service, operating all over Streatham and London and has an excellent record score. We specialize in house cleaning chores and removing stains and dirt off various surfaces and items. Our cleanings have made plenty of people forget their problems and enjoy clean, disinfected surfaces.

People often neglect certain cleaning chores and when they finally decide to step in and handle them it may be even more difficult to achieve the desired end results. In times like this Cleaners Streatham is an excellent choice. Our cleaning employees are the best of the best and we guarantee the finest, most thorough end results regardless of the chore and its complexity. We have been training in the field of cleaning for years to achieve the type of end results we do now.

Hourly Based Cleaning Services in StreathamPrices
One Off Cleaning£16/h
Domestic Cleaning£16/h
Regular Cleaning£16/h
Deep Cleaning£18/h

Let us make your lives easier by depriving you of the need to clean your property all by yourself! Have our cleaners interfere and handle the house chores to perfection. Come back to an impeccably clean home and enjoy its clean state to the fullest. Whenever you feel you could use some help with the house chores Cleaners Streatham stays ready for action!

Cleaners Streatham is a house cleaning service, located and operating in Streatham. All our staff are trained professionals, and especially our cleaners whose cleaning capabilities exceed those of any other cleaner in Streatham. You should schedule with us, because we are the best there is! No one else can match our efficiency and speed of cleaning and providing thorough, ever-satisfying results.

You need not worry whether our cleaning employees are qualified enough to clean your home and deprive you off the dirt and dust that bothers you. Cleaners Streatham has made sure that none of them possess criminal records. They are true specialists in their field and the cleaning that they provide promises only the best end results possible.

We will clean your home exactly the way you want us to! Our cleaning staff strives to make each cleaning as individualized as possible in order to satisfy our customer’s every desire and need for cleanliness. The house cleaning service that we provide is way ahead of its time and has already made the lives of thousands of people better and less stressful. Rediscover your home’s cleaning potential by having it cleaned point to point by cleaning technicians who use the latest, most effective cleaning equipment and materials.

Cleaning a house can be a challenging task at times. Some cleaners may perform it but not to the expectations of a homeowner. That is why allowing professionals do the task for you is very important. Cleaners Streatham has experienced cleaners who handle all aspects of house cleaning in the most professional way. Whether you need a regular cleaning or occasional cleaning done in your home, you can always count on us.

We deliver high quality one off, regular, after builders and other intensive cleaning services. Our cleaners have over 8 hours of professional experience, they are fully vetted and insured.

Why hire our house cleaning services

Professional work:

Trained professionals offer our house cleaning services. As such, many homeowners have learned to rely on our solutions because we deliver quality results. We use the most sophisticated cleaning machines and chemicals in order to clean your house. The detergents we use are friendly and safe for the environment.


We use state-of-the-art equipments in cleaning your house. All cleaning machines and detergents are produced by Prochem, the leading manufacturer of professional cleaning products.


Our house cleaning services are very flexible. Whether you need to have your house cleaned on weekdays or over the weekend, we can do it for you. We are determined to ensure that we deliver services that are convenient to you. You can also get tenancy end cleaning services and one-off cleaning services. Emergency same day cleaning services are also available at no extra cost.

Reliable services

Our services are the most reliable in London. We deliver services that meet the industry standards at the most affordable prices. We do not consider any job as too small or too big. We treat them equally in terms of quality. This guarantees our clients the best results possible.

In offering our house cleaning services, we know that no home is similar to another. As such, we ensure that our clients get the most personalized services that meet their needs in a special way. So stop worrying about house cleaning and reach out for our services.

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